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We at Medicine Beyond Classroom are now providing structured career counselling services specific to Community Medicine

Our services are relevant for:

  • Current MBBS students and interns trying to figure out their subject of choice for postgraduation 

  • Post-MBBS students preparing for PG entrance exams

  • Current postgraduate students pursuing residency in MD Community Medicine/ Diploma in Public Health

  • Post-MD Community Medicine individuals who are trying to determine their further career path

  • Any individual (irrespective of age or education) who wants to understand how to contribute to the community

We cover the following aspects: 

  • What exactly is Community Medicine?

  • Why should one opt for MD Community Medicine?

  • How to choose and rank colleges during couselling process? 

  • What are the pros and cons of opting for MD Community Medicine? 

  • How to make the most of your three years residency in Commuity Medicine?

  • What are the future career prospects after obtaining MD Community Medicine?

  • What are further education options after obtaining MD Community Medicine? 

  • How to practice Community Medicine without doing a postgraduation in it?

Some unconventional but important questions we answer:

  • "How to convince family members about pursuing MD Community Medicine?!"

  • "How do I explain to someone what Community Medicine is?"

Inlcuded in the session(s):

  • Structured explaination of the above mentioned aspects 

  • Answering any other questions regarding a career Community Medicine

  • A self-discovey activity to help you understand your own self, your own likes and dislikes 

For availing our career counselling services, kindly contact us through any of the following:  


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