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We affiliate with medical colleges to design and implement community-based learning modules which provide an innovative and effective platform for medical students to explore, observe, develop and practice non-cognitive skills mentioned in the AETCOM (Attitudes, Ethics, Communication) Module mandated by the National Medical Commission (NMC), India. 

These modules can contribute effectively towards untangling the local community-based health and allied problems, by providing opportunities for students to work closely with the local communities to practice community-based problem-solving. 

MBC also advocates for conducting these community-based interventions in a scientifically rigorous manner, aiming to convert these into research that can be shared with the wider academic community to inform efforts to make Indian medical education more community-oriented. 

Most importantly, these community-based learning modules are designed to provide medical students with a controlled, yet free environment to explore their potential to create a positive impact in the real world, beyond the confines of the health setup and classroom. By helping students recognize their self-worth, these modules stand to contribute significantly towards improving their self-esteem, and are an important step towards students' mental well-being. 


Female medical students independently facilitating a life skills education session for rural adolescent girls. 

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